The 3 Components Needed for Successful Corporate Culture Diversity:

  • Company Social Responsibility
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Supply Diversity



What is a Supply Diversity Program?

A management program designed to increase contracting opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses, and to maximize the volume of goods and services purchased from these businesses.

Like all management programs, it must have the endorsement of top management and be conducted in accordance with sound business practices including goal setting, implementation, monitoring and accountability.


How Your Company Can Benefit:

  • Promote a dynamic corporate business model
  • Enhance the external business awareness of suppliers and customers
  • Increased recognition and visibility among other corporate leaders
  • The company will continue to expand in its leadership in corporate responsibility
  • Ensure a procedure of inclusion by identifying qualified diverse companies in all competitive business opportunities (ensuring customer/stakeholder satisfaction)


company growth chart



Virtually all industries and companies, directly or indirectly, interface with diverse customers, communities, employees, and suppliers in all business activities domestically and globally. The brand and reputation of large corporations are a function of the strategies and the business processes it executes to reduce costs, increase revenue, and pursue sustainable financial growth. The Future Procurement Group will promote substantial growth and understanding among internal stakeholders, develop a measurable or enhanced business process, and expand knowledge and awareness through effective communication mediums. The focus is solutions driven and proven with effective results.

During the design and execution of the fundamental deliverables:

  • Conduct organizational assessment
  • Build the infrastructure
  • Conduct a procurement process review
  • Develop internal and external marketing
  • Tier I and Tier II implementation
  • Report progress of programs


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